Tarbert Academy

Tarbert Academy is a 3-18 school located in the village of Tarbert comprising three stages of schooling. The Pre-5 unit serves the village and near environs of Tarbert. The Primary serves the village and the surrounding community; and the Secondary serves the communities of South Knapdale and North Kintyre. In addition to its own Primary, the school's associated Primary is Clachan Primary School.

Pupils in Rhunahaorine Primary School and Gigha Primary School can decide between Tarbert Academy and Campbeltown Grammar School - as both are funded for transport - with almost all choosing Tarbert Academy for secondary education.

The current school roll is 242 pupils with 32 in Pre-5, 111 in Primary and 99 in Secondary.

Our staffing comprises 26 teachers with 7 in Primary and 19 in Secondary, some of whom work part time. In addition, learning and teaching is supported by Pre-5 staff, technicians and classroom assistants. The school also has an allocation of Additional Support Needs staff from the Authority.

The Head Teacher is supported by a Depute Head Secondary, Depute Head Primary and 8 Principal teachers

In our school office we are currently staffed by a senior clerical assistant and three clerical assistants

The original school building was constructed in 1896 and is still used today.  New accommodation was phased in during the mid-1990s and is used to house the Primary, Assembly Hall, Office and School Kitchen.  In the year 2000, the school also became home to our Pre-5 unit and in 2014 an Early Level classroom with its own toilet block, kitchen and outdoor play area was built in the Primary Department to comply with the 600h Pre5 entitlement. This classroom was extended in July/August 2019 to comply with the 1140h Pre5 entitlement from October 2019.

Our S3 pupils choose up to 9 subjects in October and in April/May of S4 will be assessed at N3, N4 or N5 level.

Our S5/6 pupils can study up to 5 subjects at N4/N5/Higher and Advanced Higher levels.

We can be very flexible and can offer alternative curriculum structures to individuals as required e.g. flexible learning plans involving extended work placements or Skills for work courses at Argyll College.

HMIE inspection Reports:

HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) inspects and reports on the quality of education in pre-school centres, primary schools, secondary schools, special schools, community learning and development services, colleges, and residential educational provision.

You can read and download any inspection reports for this school, and find out more about the inspection process, on the Education Scotland website.



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United Kingdom

Early Learning and Childcare
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