Benefits cap

Details on people of working age who receive benefits have their money limited

Benefit cap levels increasing from April 2023

Benefit Cap

The UK Government has placed a limit on the total amount of benefits working-age people can receive. This is known as the

The cap amounts are:

  • £423.46 per week (£22,020 a year) for couples
  • £423.46 per week (£22,020 a year) for lone parents (if your children live with you)
  • £283.71 per week (£14,753 a year) if you’re single.

If your income from benefits is above these levels, the amount of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit you receive may be reduced. Further information can be found at

Where can you get help?

Argyll and Bute Council’s welfare rights service can help – call 01546 605517.

Get advice about managing your money and what to do if you get into debt.

Citizens Advice Bureau on 01546 605550

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