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Community-led Action Planning

Does your town or village need a boost? Could you do with some help to find out your community’s priorities, get local people more involved and secure support and funding for community projects?

Community-led Action Planning is a recognised and respected method for helping community representatives to identify issues and needs in their communities, in partnership with residents and stakeholders.

Community-led Action Planning also provides a clear process for identifying where responsibilities for actions lie in order to address those needs, and how communities can access support and funding.

These are not 'wish lists' that communities create for statutory and non-statutory agencies to deliver on, but a series of actions the community has 'bought in to' and are able to address on their own, or in partnership with other agencies.

The key point is that local communities have ownership of their action plans and are responsible for delivering the actions identified through the Community-led Action Planning process.

A range of organisations (often led by community development trusts) in some communities in Argyll and Bute have been using a Community Action Planning process successfully since 2008. 

Argyll and Bute Council has produced a Community-led Action Planning toolkit to help people decide if the process could help them and how they can implement it. 

An interactive map of existing Community-led Action Plans and charrettes in Argyll and Bute.

One significant challenge faced by communities who have adopted an action plan is how they transfer these into plans developed by the statutory authorities providing services in their area.

To help and try to and address this issue, a list of suggested questions to consider incorporating in a community and/or stakeholder survey, forms part of the toolkit.

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