Burials - Erecting a memorial

Make an enquiry about a memorial

An applicationmust be made to ourselves in order to erect a memorial, a fee is payable for this. You must show the size and shape of memorial, the inscription and the professional who will be erecting it on your behalf. You must make sure they have either NAMM or BRAMM professional membership.

The grave holder is responsible for maintenance, repairs and cleaning of the memorial. Insurance should be taken out to protect your memorial. The memorial mason must tell us when they will be working in the cemetery. We will check it has been erected to the correct official standards and will contact you and the memorial mason if the inspection shows any problems. You will be required to arrange to have the work redone to the correct standard.

We understand the personalisation of burial lair can assist with the grieving process and in commemorating the dead person. We have a responsibility to ensure a uniform level of maintenance and service is provided to all graves in a cemetery. The covering of a grave with items such as kerbs, gravel, planters and ornaments can disrupt the smooth operation of our maintenance. In order that everybody who visits the cemetery and commemorates a loved one there, our management rules advises that the memorial should be placed only on the top 600mm at the head of the grave.