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Arranging a cremation

It is wisest to approach a funeral director immediately death occurs to advise them that you would like to arrange a cremation. You will need to sign an "application to cremate" form if you are the executor or the next of kin or are authorised by either to do so. The death will have to be registered

The cremation ashes

You will probably be asked how you wish to dispose of the cremation ashes.  If you know what you want at this stage, you will be asked to sign an authority for the Crematorium to carry out your wishes.  If you are undecided the Crematorium will keep hold of the ashes for a month, giving you time to make a decision.

In about 50% of cases the ashes are scattered, in the Gardens of Remembrance at the Crematorium.  The alternative could be taking away the ashes from the Crematorium in an urn and disposing elsewhere.  This may be in a family grave, scattering the ashes at another Crematorium, or in some favourite spot.  However, it must be borne in mind that when ashes are scattered in other places, prior permission must be sought and any local rules or regulations obeyed.

Find out about our policy relating to the cremation of babies and infants.


Cardross Crematorium have a selection of memorials available including wall plaques, kerb memorials and miniature books of remembrance. They also have caskets and urns available both in oak and plastic. More decorative designs can be ordered specially from the Crematorium.

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