Asset Transfer Request for Gigha Ferry Terminal Car Park

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Active Asset Transfer Request for Gigha Ferry Terminal Car Park

Asset Transfer under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015


An Asset Transfer Request has been made to Argyll and Bute Council under Part 5 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

A request has been made by the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust in resepct of Gigha Ferry Terminal Car Park on the 14 December 2018.

The requests is for ownership of the Car Park for £1.00.

The proposed use of land is:

  • As the primary access to a proposed camping and motorhome facility including service pitches, car parking an accommodation block

The documents relating to the request can be viewed below

Anyone may make representation about this asset transfer request to Argyll and Bute Council.

Representations must be in writing and include the name and address of the person making it. A copy of any representation made will be given to the organisation making the request for their comment.

Representations must be made by: 18 January 2019 and emailed to:

Or posted to:

Social Enterprise Team
Community Learning Centre
Edward Street
PA23 7PH

Reasons for the request

  • IGHT is requesting to take ownership of the car park at the Gigha ferry terminal to use it as their primary access to provide camping and motorhome facilities at Ardminish on the Isle of Gigha.
  • The Isle of Gigha has a serious accommodation shortage which has a knock-on effect on the island’s tourist season. At present, the Isle of Gigha has one hotel, two established bed and breakfasts and eight self-catering accommodation units. The number of visitors to Gigha has steadily risen from 2015 onwards and during high season, the island cannot accommodate the number of visitors wishing to holiday on Gigha.
  • The island currently has no facilities for camping or motorhomes, and with the introduction of Caledonian MacBrayne’s Road Equivalent Tariff scheme, the number of this type of visitors has increased.
  •  Motorhome and campervans are parking in sensitive laybys and disrupting resident traffic on the islands only single road. Currently, there are no restrictions for motorhome and campervans and they park at both north and south ends of the island. On different occasions this season, this has blocked access for the emergency services and home owners trying to access their roads.
  • IGHT own the land on which the campsite will be located. Management of campsite would enable IGHT to further strengthen its financial position by generating sustainable income. This would be run by Gigha Trading Limited – established trading arm of the Trust with staff and experience in managing holiday properties. Therefore, the Trust proposes to develop a high quality, low impact, zero emissions camp site which has the following vision:
    • To address the issues being caused by increased number of motorhomes visiting Gigha
    • To address the issues of unauthorised and wild camping on Gigha, including litter, human waste, blocking access and impacts on cattle/sheep
    • To offer modern, well maintained and designed facilities at the ferry point to encourage more visitors to stay on Gigha overnight in a regulated and controlled manner minimising impact on the island
    • By offering facilities, being able to prohibit wild camping and motorhomes using the narrow single track road on the island
    • Provide central waste recycling facilities on Gigha for visitors and residents that is easy to access at the ferry point
    • Provide upgraded public toilet facilities for visitors to the island, to replace the Council portakabins if agreement can be reached with the Council on issues such as maintenance and repair.

 Level and nature of Support

  • The initial consultation with the community was delivered at a Members meeting in early 2018. Although this was project was still at a very early stage, the project received constructive feedback.
  • The island residents and Members of IGHT approved a 10-year strategy in 2016 which supports the Trust developing the environment and creating a more diverse local economy with lower seasonal dependencies. This proposed campsite development fits in line with both the 10-year strategy developed in 2016 and IGHT’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Once the costed scheme has been designed, IGHT will hold a Members meeting to deliver the campsite proposal. At this Members meeting, full campsite plans, timescales and costs will be discussed with additional time given to the Members to provide them with the opportunity to review the information and report back any concerns. This will be followed by a Members surgery with drop-in appointments to speak to individuals privately to gain constructive feedback.
  • Separate consultations will take place with local businesses on Gigha, including Gigha Hotel, shop and Boathouse Restaurant.


If you require further information, or to inspect any documents or information accompanying the asset transfer request,

contact us directly at and we will make these available to you in electronic form until such time as the asset transfer request is determined.

You could also make a Freedom of Information Request.