Advice services

Everyone needs advice to allow them to make the right informed decision. In some cases, you might need more detailed advice to help resolve your problems.  These could range from dealing with debt, accessing benefits, employment, legal or housing issues

The council’s advice service works with others to support vulnerable people in our communities and help partners carry out promotional work that will prevent people getting into debt.

In Argyll and Bute, impartial, confidential advice is available from a variety of national or local sources:

For advice and support with welfare benefits


Struggling with debt or money problems?

Debt and Debt Counselling

Find out about and apply for benefits

Benefits and

Support for people affected by cancer

MacMillan Welfare Rights Service

If you are homeless or about to become homeless


Advice about money, family, daily life or your rights

Citizens Advice Bureau

Create your own personal budget plan here


Free and confidential advice on debt problems

Money Advice Service

Take control of your finances with our budgeting tool


Looking for a low cost affordable loan?

Affordable credit advice

Are you experiencing severe financial hardship?

Scottish Welfare Fund