Young Carer Grant

What is Young Carer Grant?

A new yearly payment of £300 for young carers aged 16-18 who live in Scotland. It is a cash benefit to spend as you choose and you can apply if in school, further education, employed or unemployed.

How do I apply?

Apply online >

Call Freephone on 0800 182 2222 to complete the application over the phone or request a paper application form. Or go to the website for further information or to apply online.

Who can get it?

Young carers may be eligible for the Young Carer Grant if they meet all of the criteria below:

  • They live in Scotland
  • They are aged 16 to 18
  • They have been providing care for an average of 16 hours a week, for the last three months.  The support they provide may be physical, mental or emotional
  • The person or people being cared for are getting a qualifying benefit
  • They are not caring for any of the people in the application as a volunteer
  • They are not being paid to provide care for any of the people on the application
  • They have not applied for or received Carer’s Allowance from the Department for Work and Pensions, or Northern Ireland’s Carers Allowance

The Qualifying Benefits are

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – daily living component
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – the middle or highest care rate
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – for children
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Constant Attendance Allowance at or above the normal maximum rate with an Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • Constant Attendance Allowance at the basic (full day) rate with War Disablement Pension
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment

If more than one person is caring for someone, can they all apply?

If more than one carer applies for the same cared person, only the first eligible application will receive the grant.  If you provide shared care with someone else aged 16-18 you should agree who should apply for the grant.

How much care has to be provided to be eligible?

You must have been caring for one or more people on average for at least 16 hours per week for the last three months. Up to three weeks break in care is allowed during the 13 week qualifying period. As long as you carry out 208 hours in total over the 13 week period.

How long after applying will I receive my payment?

A decision will be made once a completed application form with all the supporting evidence is received. The young carer will be notified and payment will follow shortly after.

What ID and evidence will be required?

Before applying you should know your bank account details, your National Insurance number and the National Insurance number of the person you care for.  This will make the application process quicker.

After the application has been received a follow up letter will be sent asking you to send a form of ID as verification.

The money will then be paid into your chosen account if successful.

When can I apply?

You can apply each year from the age of 16 to 18.  You have to apply every year to make sure you are still eligible.

Does it affect other Benefits?

No Young Carers Grant is disregarded for UK benefit and tax credit assessments.