Street Naming and Numbering

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Street Naming and Numbering

Appropriate naming of streets and numbering of buildings is very important. It forms the basis for identifying a property and this is essential for the efficient functioning of emergency, postal and many other services.

The Council is responsible for naming streets, ensuring street name plates are erected and changing the street name if required.

The Council also numbers the properties on a street, and can require the owner to display the number, and change that number if necessary.

The Royal Mail is responsible for the allocation of postcodes.

Argyll and Bute Council, in common with many other local authorities, introduced charges in April 2016 for street naming and numbering.

Charges for 2018/19

Naming and/or numbering of one property£84.80
Naming and/or numbering each of the 2nd to 50th additional properties£42.40
Naming and/or numbering each additional property over 50£21.20
Naming a new street£185.50
Changing a property name or adding to the Royal Mail database£81.90
Confirming an address to a solicitor, property owner or any organisation£54.60 per letter
Renaming or renumbering a streetAs for new properties

New Street Names

If you are developer or agent constructing a new development which will require a new street name it is recommended that you contact the Corporate Address Gazetteer (CAG) team at least 3 months before the first propertywill be occupied

Street names can be proposed and should be accompanied by a reason for the choice of name and details of any consultation that was undertaken e.g. with a local primary school or the community council. However, the final decision on the street name rests with the local councillors or, where there are objections to the proposed name, with the local Area Committee.

A numbering scheme for the new properties will be devised and agreed and it is important to note that this may not reflect the plot numbers allocated by the developer. Properties will generally be numbered with odd numbers on the left side of the street, and even numbers on the right. For cul-de-sacs, where there is no possibility of the street being extended, the numbering can be consecutive with number 1 being the first property on the left of the access to the street.

If you require a new street name for your development please complete this form

Property Numbering on Existing Streets

Property numbers exist in most of the major towns in Argyll and Bute and where new properties are built on an existing numbered street a new number will be allocated to the property. It is often necessary to use an ABC suffix along with the adjoining property number (for example 10A, 10B, 10C...) to ensure consistency and enable the property to be easily located.

If you require a number for your property please complete this form.

New House Names (where numbers exist)

If your property is already numbered you may also name your property as long as it doesn’t conflict with an existing property name in that locality. The property name in this case will not officially form part of the property address – Royal Mail refer to the name as an ‘alias’ name and the Corporate Address Gazetteer as an ‘alternative’ name. When a property is named as well as numbered the property number must still be displayed and it is recommended that the number is used in all correspondence.

If you require a name added to your numbered property please complete this form

New House Names (where no numbers exist)

If your property is in a rural area it is likely that it is not numbered and the property name will form part of the official address. In this case the CAG team will check that there are no properties with a similar name in the same locality which may cause confusion for deliveries or emergency services.

If you require a name for your property please complete this form

Changing Property Names

If you wish to change the name of your property the same checks as with new properties will be applied. Please note that if you are purchasing a new property you cannot change the name prior to taking ownership of the property.

If you require a name change for your property please complete this form

Street Renaming and Renumbering

Streets are only renamed or renumbered as a last resort but it may be necessary if the existing name or numbering is causing confusion for residents or for emergency services. A renaming or renumbering can be instigated by anyone who encounters a problem with existing addresses and will be given priority where concerns are raised by any of the emergency services. If you would like to enquire about a street renaming or renumbering please complete this form

Corporate Address Gazetteer

Argyll and Bute Council maintains a Corporate Address Gazetteer (CAG), which contains addresses for all properties in Argyll and Bute. The CAG is updated daily. Please contact us if you have any questions about property addresses. The CAGs from all 32 Scottish local authorities are combined into the One Scotland Gazetteer (OSG).

You can search our CAG online. The One Scotland Gazetteer can be found on the OSG website.

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