Support for adoptive parents

Throughout the process of Adoption there is ongoing support from the Social Workers involved, particularly until the Adoption Order is granted, and throughout the first year. 

Support, however, remains available at all times. People who have become adopters with another Agency are also entitled to adoption support from Argyll and Bute Council’s adoption service if they live within the council’s area.  Furthermore, anyone affected by adoption in any way is entitled to support from their local authorities’ adoption service. However, we are also committed to offering Post Adoption Support and we are available as and when the need is there.

Adoption Allowances are also available in certain circumstances.  This tends to be in the adoption of children with significant needs or large family groups.  The decision to pay allowances is made through the Approval; & Matching Panel.  The allowance does not affect your benefits and adopters are entitled to Family Allowance.

Post Adoption Support Plans are agreed at the point of linking with a child so that the needs are met within the placement.  This would involve Education and Health needs and the circumstances of the birth family.  The Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007 placed a duty upon the Adoption Agencies to provide post adoption support.

The Authority is committed to post adoption support and maintaining a link with families. 

All opportunities for training and the development of our Post Adoption Service are taken for the staff and parents.

Our responsibility

We are responsible for making sure that people who apply to become foster or adoptive carers are able to take on the task in hand.  This is done through an assessment process which enables the worker to evidence the skills your family has to provide the type of care our children require.  We also ask the applicants themselves to be actively involved in this process.  When the assessment is completed, a report is written and presented to the Approval and Matching Panel for recommendation and the decision is made by Head of Service Children and Families.  We would normally aim to complete an application within 6 months from receipt of a formal application, after some initial exploration of all circumstances.

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