Step parent adoption

The Children’s Resource Manager, must be notified in writing of a step-parent application to adopt.  This is normally done through a solicitor dealing with adoption. 

The Children’s Resource Manager will acknowledge receipt of the notification and confirm by letter the allocation to the Social Worker Family Placement for the completion of Court Report.

This report should be completed within 12 weeks of the receipt of the notification.  The Social worker is obliged to prepare the report giving the circumstances of the child and the petitioner and give an opinion on whether the adoption will promote ‘the welfare of the child’.  The law requires that the child’s own wishes and feelings are taken into account, and a child of 12 or over will be asked formally if he/she consents to the adoption.  The report is lodged with the Court where the Petition has been lodged.  The matter is then dealt with by the Court as all adoptions.

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