Argyll and Bute Early Years Staff

The day to day work of Argyll and Bute Early Years is organised and undertaken by Customer Services: Education

Wendy Brownlie is the Education Manager who has overall responsibility for the Early Years Team. 

Her team consists of;

Kathleen Johnston, Education Officer Early Years Tel: 01496 301317 Email:   

Tina Sartain, Education Officer Early Years Tel: 01436 657630 Email:

Carolyn McMillan, Principal Teacher Early Years (covering Mid Argyll, Kintyre and Islay) Tel: 01631 569161 Email:

Christine MacLean, Principal Teacher Early Years (covering Oban, Lorn and the Isles) Tel: 01631 572184 Email:

Lorna Stewart Principal Teacher Early Years (covering Bute and Cowal & Helensburgh and Lomond) Tel: 01631 67973 Email:

Linda Burgar, Early Years Development Officer Tel: 01631 569192 Email:

Lorna Cameron, Early Years Development Officer Tel: 01546 604790 Email:

Ailsa Dominick, Early Years Development Officer Tel: 01369 708692 Email:

Jeanette McGourlay, Early Years and Family Support Worker (Helensburgh and Lomond) Tel: 01436 658922 Email:

Margaret Dalgleish, Early Years and Family Support Worker (Oban, Lorn & the Isles) Tel: 01631 569192 Email:

Lisa Bulloch, Early Years and Family Support Worker (Bute and Cowal) Tel: 01369 708468 Email: 

Linda Morrison, Early Years Worker (Community Childminding Service) Tel: 01546 604347 Email:

The Argyll and Bute Early Years team have the following members of support staff;

Sheena Stewart, Childcare Information Assistant Tel: 01369 708517 Email:

Rona McGillivray, Data Analyst Early Years Tel: 01369 708580 Email:

Lesley Collings, Early Years Admin Assistant Tel: 01369 708503 Email:

Emma Gaines, Clerical Assistant Tel: 01369 708687 Email: 

Early Years helpline Tel: 01369 708563 Email: