What goes in your grey bin

Your grey bin is for glass bottles and jars in Helensburgh and Lomond, Mull, Iona and Tiree.

Your grey bin in collected every 4 weeks

  • Please put the glass bottles and jars straight into the bin, not into bags or liners
  • You can also put metal lids or caps back onto the bottles and into your grey bin
  • There is no need to remove labels

Please include:

Glass bottles and jars (rinsed), including:

  • cooking sauce bottles
  • cooking oil bottles
  • wine bottles
  • beer bottles
  • soft drink bottles
  • coffee jars
  • food jars e.g pasta sauce, jam, baby food, pickles

Please don't include:

  • pyrex and ceramics (put in green bin)
  • plates and cups (donate for reuse)
  • window pane glass (put in green bin)
  • drinking glasses (donate for reuse)
  • spectacles (donate for reuse)
  • light bulbs (take to recycling centre)
  • mirrors (donate for reuse)
  • corks or plastic lids (put in green bin)
Glass for recycling
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