New and Replacement Green Bin

How to buy a new or replacement green wheelie bin, or apply for a second green bin.

Purchase a new or replacement green bin - £42.10

Use this option if you do not already have a green bin e.g. for a new build home, or if your current bin has broken and you need to buy a replacement. 

Please note that the council does not replace broken bins free of charge, nor can we supply parts for damaged bins e.g. new lids.

If you believe your bin was damaged during a waste uplift please email with your contact details, details of the incident and pictures of the damage caused.

Do not use this option to obtain an additional green bin, use the “Apply for a Second Green Bin” option below

Purchase a new or replacement green bin - £42.10

Apply for a second green bin - free

Some households may be eligible to have a second general waste green bin - this includes households where:

  • there are five or more people
  • where someone has a medical condition that generates waste
  • where families have children using nappies and all recycling options have been considered.

Apply for a second green bin - free

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