A819 Electric Cottage - April 2024

Improvement work on the A819 Electric Cottage - April update

Following previous works being halted due to severe weather damage to our roads and bridges infrastructure,  October 2023 we were later able to re-start works on the A819 Electric Cottage. This is essential works to improve our road network.

Works recommenced on Monday 13 November 2023 at Electric Cottage under the control of traffic lights. PH 3 of the works dealt with the southern section of the scheme , excavating rock faces and filling embankments to re-align and widen the carriageway, along with associated improvements in roadside drainage and culverts.

Work continues under traffic light control at Electric Cottage to Inveraray  - April 2024 - to complete re-alignment and widening of southern section to form a temporary running surface, under 2-way traffic . 

Phase 4 widening scheduled to follow-on May  - August 2024 to complete the widening and re-alignment of the section northwards, including the extension or replacement of culverts under the carriageway. Temporary traffic control by traffic lights, will be in place past the works.

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