U21 Slockavullin - bridge repairs

The road is currently restricted to vehicles under 3.5 tonnes due to the damage to the bridge during the severe weather of 6th and 7th October.

  • The road is open but for safety reasons the bridge is restricted to 3.5 tonnes while we progress repairs.
  • The bridge itself was damaged in the extreme weather, with high water levels washing part of it away. 
  • We have completed the emergency works to the bridge and now have to undertake work on the riverbed. This will be completed in late January when the water levels are lower.

A weight restriction of 3.5 tonnes is currently in place on the bridge while we carry out emergency works. 

This affects bin collections for a small number of properties.

To provide an alternative temporary bin collection service for those households affected, we have sited large communal bins at the main road side of the unstable embankment, where our bin lorries can safely access. We are asking customers please, when they are passing, to dispose of their waste and recycling in these large bins for now, until we can reinstate the embankment and resume normal service.

Damage to west abutment and training wall identified - 

Damaged wall at Slockavullin
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