C30 West Loch Awe - road repairs

The C30 West Loch Awe road near Kilmaha is now open from 22nd December to 7th January, with a weight restriction of 3/5 tonnes

  • We are progressing with stabilisation works which include the use of soil nails to reinforce the embankment
  • Work is on track. We’ve installed a lower retaining wall and anchors on the downslope section. Rock in the mid-section was very deep which required long anchors and deep drilling. The upper slope mesh and the roadside filter drain have been installed.
  • We expect work will be complete by the end of March, depending on the weather which would affect the concrete works.

The embankment supporting the road at the C30 washed away near Kilmaha. The slope is very steep and the material forming the embankment is not particularly strong. Initial stabilisation works have been carried out including some rock infill (700 tonnes of rock armour) and soil nailing (large diameter bolts which are drilled and grouted into the ground). This work is continuing on site. 

Geological engineering design works are substantially complete, with just minor elements of the design for the lower slope works now required. This process enables work to continue on site while we complete the fine detail which will ensure the correct solution, providing long term stability for the embankment. 

Access to the site and delivery of materials is challenging. Whilst good progress is being made, we are unable to accelerate these works due to logistic challenges and safety requirements. We had initially hoped to reopen this route by 10 November but the further safety issues emerging ruled this out.

Communities can gain access from either end but are unable to travel through. 

The diversion is A816 - A83 - A819 - A85 and vice versa. 

Image of recently installed soil nails - 

Recently installed soil nails - C30 West Loch Awe

Another image of soil nails from further down the slope - 

Soil nails further down the slope at the C30 West Loch Awe


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