A816-120 Oude Bridge Replacement

Information about the project to replace Oude Bridge.

This project is being led by the Infrastructure Design Team and any enquiries regarding this project can be directed to structures@argyll-bute.gov.uk

We are carrying out a public consultation on the feasibility design of the replacement and realignment of Oude Bridge on the A816 from 29th September to 31st October 2023 - find out more and take part in the consultation here

Project update - August 2023


Infrastructure Design have secured funding in 2021 of £1,500,000 which is 80% from the Scottish Government and 20% from Argyll and Bute Council to replace this bridge. 

The preferred option has been selected and has been estimated to be £2,000,000, the increase in costs are due to adding the new legislation for active transport, PAS 2020, Covid and Brexit. We are currently seeking additional funding.

Public Consultation

The feasibility report work has now concluded and a public consultation will take place later in 2023. 

Preferred Option

The preferred option is to replace the existing bridge with a new bridge upstream which will also allow an improved realignment of the existing road. The proposed road will also allow an upgrade from single track lane to single carriageway (2-way traffic).

Existing bridge:

Oude Bridge

Preferred  option outline plan:

Oude Bridge replacement option plan
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