Rothesay Harbour

Rothesay Harbour is situated on the South side of Rothesay Bay on the beautiful Isle of Bute.

It is a ferry port, linking to Wemyss Bay and the Clyde Coast - more details are available from Calmac. It is the principal harbour for the Isle of Bute, with fishing and commercial interests, as well as a marina with 68 berths operated by Bute Berthing Company


Harbour Master/Port Manager

Peter Welsh (Harbourmaster)
Telephone: 01700 503842
Mobile: 07736 844397
web site:

The Harbour Office is open 6am to 9pm (dependent on ferry times)

Radio - VHF radio watch channels 16 / 12

Navigation and guidelines

Latitude & Longitude – harbour entrance
55˚50.33’N  5˚03’15 W

Admiralty chart numbers
1867 and 1907

Navigation marks
Navigation Buoy - Port Hand Lateral Buoy - flashing (red) 5sec at harbour entrance

Navigation lights
2 fixed red lights (vertical) 10m 5M West Arm of main pier
Fixed green green white (vertical) or 3 fixed red (vertical) Albert Pier - Port Control Signals
Fog bell on East Arm of main pier

Navigational reporting procedures
Vessels wishing to berth at Rothesay Harbour, or moor in the bay, should call the Harbour Master on VHF Channel 12. Continual monitoring of VHF Channel 12 is strongly advised within the Harbour area so that vessels can maintain contact with Harbour Master and receive safety messages concerning Port operations and vessel movements.
Broadcasts are made by the Harbour Master on VHF Channel 12 advising of ferry arrivals and departures, the requirement for vessels to stay clear of the ferry and Harbour closure at these times

Tidal Levels
Mean spring range - 3.1m
Mean Neap range 1.8m

Available depths - Chart Datum - LAT
Main Pier North Face - 4m
Outer Harbour Wall North - 2m
Outer Harbour Pontoons - 1.5m
Inner Harbour Pontoons - 2m

Fresh water and fuel are available by arrangement

Vessel parameters
Ships can be taken up to 80m LOA and maximum draft of 4m at the Ferry Berth, and 90m LOA and maximum draft of 4m at the West Berth. On the North Wall of the Fish Quay the maximum length of vessel should not exceed 16m LOA. There is no specific beam restriction unless going through the Bascule Bridge to the Inner Harbour, where the maximum available width is 7m.


Rothesay Harbour consists of a Main Pier of 170m useable length, consisting of the Ferry Berth and the West Berth, which extends across the head of the Bay, and provides shelter for two basins on its south side; these are known as the Inner and Outer Harbours. The West arm has a berth on its southern side capable of accommodating small vessels up to 30m LOA

The Outer Harbour contains a berth for fishing vessels on its north side, and a pontoon for leisure craft. The Inner Harbour contains pontoons for leisure craft

A landing stage for use by visiting cruise ships is situated at the west end of the Pier giving direct access to the main harbour area

Rothesay Harbour falls under the jurisdiction of Clydeport Operations Ltd who provide compulsory pilotage services in the Firth of Clyde area. Vessels intending to berth at Rothesay who require pilotage should contact Clydeport Estuary Control on 01475 726221, or VHF channels 16 and 12

Berthing arrangements
Vessels should contact Rothesay Harbour on VHF Channel 12 for directions on berthing.

Vessels using the Inner Harbour should contact Rothesay Harbour to arrange for lifting of the Pedestrian Bridge at the Inner Harbour Entrance. The Bridge will normally remain lowered when the Ferry is alongside to enable access to and from the Terminal for Passengers.

Bute Berthing Company - further information and booking

Rothesay harbour
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