Regulatory Services - Performance and Customer Care

Customer Charter

We will try to help all our customers access the service they need or answer their query the first time they contact us or to advise them on what we can do. Our Customer Charter outlines information on the standards of service that we aim to provide.

Enforcement Policy

As a regulator the actions which can be taken are largely dictated by statute and powers which are available to the services. The decisions taken will not in all cases satisfy all customers, but our aim is to ensure that public health is protected by the actions we take. Our enforcement policy, approved by Council in 2017, is founded upon the 5 principles outlined in the Scottish Regulators Strategic Code of "appropriate, proportionate, targeted, transparent and risk-based." What is important to us is that the actions taken are fair and explained to all parties and this is gauged from customer surveys.

Customer Views

As part of our ongoing review of the quality of service offered by Regulatory Services, we undertake a series of surveys to establish the level of satisfaction amongst users.  You can find our results here:

Private Water Supplies Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019/20