Quarterly Performance Reports

Within this section you will find the Performance Reports for Argyll and Bute Council.

Each financial quarter the Council's Performance Reports are reviewed for each Department within the Council, and for the Council as a whole. 

Up to and including 2021/22 financial year we reported 6-monthly for the Council as whole and quarterly for each Department and at each of the 4 Area Committees. 

From the 2022/23 financial year onwards we have reviewed our performance reporting procedures. 

For 2022/23 Performance for the Council as a whole is reported 6-monthly to our Audit and Scrutiny Committee. This report focus' on a suite of Corporate Outcome Indicators which align to our Corporate Outcomes. We continue to report performance quarterly performance at each of the 4 Area Committees. These reports focus on indicators that are of particular interest to each specific area.   

To view our Performance Reports please select the period you wish to view from the options below:

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Should you have any questions about performance management, or have difficulty viewing any of the performance information within this section, please contact:
Performance and Improvement                                                                            
Email: Performance@argyll-bute.gov.uk         
Telephone: 01546 604454

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