Police Partnership

Police Scotland Logo and Argyll and Bute Council logoFollowing the launch of the 101 police non-emergency service in February 2013 and the Police Scotland Public Counter Service Review, the council has been working with Police Scotland to put in place partnership arrangements to improve access to police resources; particularly in our island communities.

From Tuesday 1st April 2014, all Argyll and Bute Council Customer Service Points (CSPs) will help to provide information on non-emergency Police Services.

Specifically, all CSPs will have a role in signposting customers to non-emergency police services:

  • Police Scotland will send out leaflets and contact cards to CSPs for customers to take away. This will also include local community policing information. 
  • Police Scotland will send out posters to each CSP advertising the 101 non-emergency phone service 
  • We will use the council’s Display Screen Network at CSPs to publicise police services and campaigns.

In addition Islay, Mull, Tiree and Rothesay CSPs:

  • Will provide a meeting place where customers can meet a police officer regarding a non-emergency matter, for example to hand in lost property. Note: CSP agents will not arrange the meeting, but will ask the customer to call 101 and request the attendance of an officer at the CSP or at their home. 
  • Will provide facilities (interview rooms), where a police officer can meet customers if this cannot take place in the customer’s home. Note: If the interview room facilities are in use customers will wait until it is free or a future appointment booking can be made.
  • Will provide facilities for pre-planned surgeries where customers can meet police officers by appointment. Surgeries will be arranged in advance between local police officers and the CSP Manager.
  • Will provide access to Videoconferencing facilities to allow customers to link in to remotely based police officers on a prescheduled basis. Again this will be arranged in advance with the CSP Manager. 
loch na keal, Isle of Mull

What is Excluded from the New Arrangements?

All emergency contacts will continue to be directed to the 999 emergency service.

CSP advisers cannot take lost property or copy documents on behalf of customers. In such instances the customer will be requested to dial 101 and arrange to meet a local police officer to hand over items. Police Scotland is issuing a guidance document regarding these matters.

Advisers will request that customers use their own telephones/mobiles to contact the police on 101. On the rare occasion that a customer does not have access to a telephone an office mobile or interview room telephone can be offered, but only to call 101 or other local community police number.

Quarterly meetings will be held with Police Scotland representatives to keep the new arrangements under review and to see how they can be improved in the future.