Planning Performance Framework

Heads of Planning Scotland (HOPS) have been working together with the Scottish Government jointly to develop a new framework for measuring and reporting performance. 

This work recognises that although the time taken to make a decision on any application has important implications for appeal processes and it is of some importance to applicants and developers, it only offers a very incomplete and narrow assessment of performance at any one time.  

This document seeks to allow each planning authority in Scotland to demonstrate its levels of performance, customer feedback, achievements, and key challenges by publishing them in a single document.  Whilst the speed of decision making will still feature as an important factor the service’s overall performance will also be set within a wider supporting context of quality, workloads, availability of resources and actual outcomes achieved on the ground.

This report informs Stakeholders of Argyll and Bute Council's submission of a Planning Performance Framework Annual Report for 2016 - 17 as required by the Scottish Government under the Planning Reform agenda.