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Make a planning application    Get planning permission advice

Argyll and Bute Council actively encourage online submission of Planning applications via the Scottish Government ePlanning Portal. You can find guidance on using the ePlanning Portal in the ePlanning User Guide

Alternatively, paper application forms can be downloaded by using the links below.  We recognise that with some large applications it may be necessary to provide supporting documentation on CD/DVD - individual file sizes must not exceed 5Mb.  Advice on file types acceptable to Argyll and Bute Council, and electronic file sizes can be found in our Notes for Guidance

Please submit your completed paper application to:

Central Validation Team,
Planning and Regulatory Services,
1A Manse Brae,
PA31 8RD

Applications will only be considered received by the Council for validation purposes when it is acknowledged by the Validation Team.

If you are unsure about what should be submitted with your planning application please read our Notes for Guidance or contact our  for advice.

When a planning application is made the applicant's name and the site address are made available online to the public. Personal phone numbers, email addresses and signatures will not be displayed (as stated by the Data Protection Act 1998).

To find out how much it will cost for your application, please see the Planning Fees Guidance.
To find out if your application will need to be advertised in the press please refer to our Publicity Guidance Note.

NOTE: Before any building works can begin you should make sure that you have consulted with our Building Standards Team. In most instances it is likely that Building Warrant approval will also be required.

Pre-Application Stage

DescriptionApply OnlineDownload Application FormGuidance (if applicable)
Permitted Development  - get advice from our planning officers on whether your proposal does not needs a specific planning permission, because it aligns itself with classes of ‘permitted development’ specified in national legislation. Permitted development - enquire online Permitted development enquiry form Permitted development guidance
Pre-Application Advice -  for fuller guidance that includes the ‘permitted development’ issue but also advises on the appropriateness or otherwise of your planning proposal, and the type(s) of consent you will require Pre-application guidance - enquire online Pre-Application Enquiry Form Pre-Application Guidance
Pre-application Consultation (PAC) - to commence the PAC process for 'national' or 'major' developments  

Pre-Application Consultation Screening Notice and Proposal of Application notice

Summary of Key Issues, Process Pack for prospective applicants, and template notice for publication in a newspaper

Application Stage

Planning permission
DescriptionApply OnlineDownload Application FormGuidance (if applicable)
Householder Planning Permission - for alterations or extensions to existing domestic dwellings (houses and flats) or for certain developments within the garden ground (curtilage) of these property types Householder planning permission - Apply online Householder Application Forms Pack Householder Application Guidance
Planning Permission - when applying for most types of development e.g. new dwellings, alterations and extensions to commercial premises, changes of use and renewable energy production Planning permission - apply online Planning Permission Forms Pack Planning Permission Guidance Notes
Planning Permission in Principle - to establish the acceptability of the principle of a proposal and does not in itself give permission for any development to take place (formerly know as outline Planning Permission) Planning permission in principle - apply online Application for Planning Permission in Principle Application Form Guidance on Planning Permission in Principle
Approval of Matters Specified in a Condition - for approval of conditions relative to an application for planning permission in principle to enable development to proceed  Approval of matters specified - apply online Application for Approval of Matters Specified in a Condition Included in Application Form
Planning consents
DescriptionApply OnlineDownload Application FormGuidance (if applicable)
Listed Building Consent - required separately and in addition to planning permission and householder planning permission; for proposals to alter, extend or demolish a Listed Building Listed building consent - apply online Listed Building Consent Forms Pack Listed Building Consent Guidance
Conservation Area Consent - for the total or sustantial demolition of buildings or structures within a Conservation Area Conservation area consent - apply online Conservation Area Consent Forms Pack Conservation Area Consent Guidance
Tree Preservation Orders - for consent to fell or lop tree(s) subject to a Tree Preservation Order or within a Conservation Area Tree preservation orders - apply online Tree Works Form Tree Works Guidance
Advertisement Consent - application for consent to display an advertisement e.g. shopfront signage or advance roadside signs Advertisement consent - apply online Advertisement Consent Form Advertisement Consent Guidance Notes
Other types of planning applications
DescriptionApply OnlineDownload Application FormGuidance (if applicable)
Prior Notification - where prior notification is required for farm/ forestry developments, Domestic Energy (free-standing micro-wind turbines and air-source heat pumps) and demolitions not within Conservation Areas Prior notification - apply online Prior Notification Form Prior Notification Guidance
Marine Fish Farms - for development of marine fish farms   Marine Fish Farm Application Form  Included in Application Form
Fish Farm Prior Notification - Freshwater and Marine Aquaculture   Prior Notification Form Freshwater and Marine Aquaculture Guidance
Certificate of Lawfulness (Existing) - to gain formal consent for unauthorised developments which may now be outwith enforceable timescales and this can be proved Certificate of lawfulness (existing) - apply online Certificate of Lawfulness - Existing Use Form Certificate of Lawfulness - Existing Use Guidance
Certificate of Lawfulness (Proposed) - to gain formal confirmation that a proposed development does not require the benefit of full planning permission Certificate of lawfulness (proposed) - apply online Certificate of Lawfulness - Proposed Use Form Certificate of Lawfulness - Proposed Use Guidance
Mineral Works - for permission to extract minerals Mineral works - apply online Application for Mineral Works Included in Application Form
Section 50 License - If you are applying for a premises license or provisional premises license then you will need a Planning Section 50 Certificate.   Section 50 Licensing Application Included in Application Form
Modification or discharge of planning obligations - use this form if you have obtained consent subject to a legal agreement  (Section 75) but now wish to amend the terms or discharge it altogether Modification or Discharge of Planning Obligations Modification or Discharge of Planning Obligations




High Hedge Notice High Hedges Notice  

Guidance on High Hedges

More information on High Hedges at Citizens Advice

Post-Application Stage

DescriptionApply OnlineDownload Application FormGuidance (if applicable)
Notification of Initiation of Development   Notification of Initiation  
Notification of Completion of Development   Notification of Completion