Marine and Coastal Development

Marine planning, aquaculture, litter, conservation and coastal management and protection

The coastal environment of Argyll is a varied and complex one where many of the interactions between the natural processes and human activities are not always well understood. Argyll and Bute Council recognises the importance of managing our marine resource in a sustainable manner in order to secure the future of both our natural environment and the economic communities that are dependant on it.

Argyll and Bute Council's Marine and Coastal Development Unit works on a number of projects and initiatives, and also works closely with many external partners and organisations.

Marine Planning and ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management)

We are involved in statutory marine planning at a National and regional level, and has developed local non-statutory Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plans and marine plans for Loch Etive, Loch Fyne and the Sound of Mull

Aquaculture development

Planning permission is required for all new aquaculture developments, change of use and alterations to existing approved sites.

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Argyll Marine Natura

Marine Natura is the network of areas designated to conserve natural habitats and species of wildlife, which are rare, endangered or vulnerable in the European Community.

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Marine litter

Marine litter is growing concern globally and locally in Argyll and Bute, affecting our coastline, coastal waters and marine life. It can also be a significant amenity issue in places, and very time consuming and costly to remove from shorelines

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Coastal protection

The council has produced a Coastal Protection policy which outlines coast protection principles, management arrangements, and sets out how priorities will be set in terms of allocating resources to coastal protection. Information is provided in respect of other matters pertaining to the coast such as litter clearance, and the disposal of carcasses of cetaceans stranded on the shore. Any enquiries relating to coastal protection should be sent to:


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Coast Protection Policy And Strategy Dec 2014 Final Draft 13042015 Environment Development And
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