Types of development

Find out about the different types of development - Local, Major and National

All development fits into one of three different categories. These are:

1. National Development

These are set out in the National Planning Framework 3 (2014), produced by the Scottish Government. These are developments that would make a significant contribution to Scotland’s overall success or its international role. Find out more about national development.

2. Major Development

Some categories falling under "major development" include fish farms, offices, storage and distribution centres, housing estates (50+ houses), renewables, waste management or disposal facilities, mineral extraction sites and any other development exceeding 5000 square metres. Find out more about major development.

3. Local Development

This is the most common form of development and comprises of small scale developments including house extensions, conversions, small and medium housing, industrial developments and small scale renewable developments. For some of these types of developments it may not be necessary to apply for planning permission. This is what is known as "permitted development". Use our guide to find out if you require planning permission or not.

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