Reduce waste, and save on landfill tax

Reducing the amount of domestic waste that goes to landfill, through promoting reduce, re-use and recycling, remains a key commitment for the council, to help save money, protect services and support climate-friendly measures.

Landfill tax currently costs the council around £3m each year.

Over the next few months, starting in July, the council will contact everyone with a second general waste green bin, at their home, to check they are still needed.

You are eligible for a second green general waste bin if:

  • There are five or more people in your household
  • Someone in your household has a medical condition which means more waste is generated

If you are eligible, your additional bin will be uplifted as usual.

If your household does not meet those criteria, you will be informed when the additional uplift will stop, once the review is complete at the start of 2025. 

Recycling more is just one way of reducing the amount of waste that goes into your green bin. Information on what can be recycled, where you live, is available on the council website:

Second blue bins, for recycling plastic, paper, cartons, tins etc, are available free to households.

The three Rs of managing waste– reduce, reuse and recycle- can help households save money and protect our precious natural resources. 

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