Important information about postal votes

Did you apply for a postal vote? If you applied for one here are some key dates:

  • if you applied before 7 June, it’s been sent and will be with you soon
  • If you applied between 8 – 19 June it should be delivered by this weekend

Keep an eye on your post, fill it out and return it as soon as possible.

If you forget to post your vote, you can hand in a postal vote into any polling station within the constituency. However, you will now have to fill in a form at the polling station when you hand in your vote. You will receive a leaflet with your polling card that fully explains this.

We are already dealing with a number of requests for replacement ballots and as at 1pm today (28 June)  are up to date with those. We will continue to process requests up until the day of the poll. 

If you wish to request a replacement postal vote you can contact our Customer Contact Centre on: 01546 605522 or e-mail:

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