Harbour Board approves Moorings Policy

Argyll and Bute Council’s Harbour Board has approved its Moorings Policy that is included within its Marine Safety Management System (MSMS).

The Moorings Policy clarifies the role of a Harbour Authority in relation to Crown Estates Scotland and the mooring owners.

This is one of a suite of policies contained within the MSMS to support the management and regulation of marine operations that safeguard council facilities, customers, the public and the environment within its jurisdiction.

A licensing system operates to manage moorings within Argyll and Bute Council Harbour Authority areas. This provides security of tenure for boat owners as well as protects the interests of other marine users.

The published policy consolidates an approach that operates across all areas where the council acts as the Harbour Authority.

Councillor Andrew Kain, Chair of the Harbour Board and Policy Lead for Roads and Transport, said: “We want to be absolutely clear, to all our stakeholders, where our responsibility lies in respect of moorings and how we work in partnership with Crown Estates Scotland.

“So whether you moor your vessel in Campbeltown, Rothesay or Oban, you can be confident that the same, consistent approach will be taken, an approach that has the safety of all who use our waters at its heart.”

You can read our Moorings Policy.

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