Argyll and Bute Council update 

Argyll and Bute Council update  

A special meeting of Argyll and Bute Council was held today, with the outcome that:

  • Councillor Douglas Philand replaces Councillor Maurice Corry as Provost of Argyll and Bute. The decision was made by cards being cut, following an 18/18 vote by councillors.
  • Councillor Jim Lynch replaces Councillor Robin Currie as Leader of Argyll and Bute Council. The decision was made by the cards being cut, following an 18/18 vote by councillors

Full Council will meet on 25th April 2024 to agree the ruling Administration and related councillor roles, on committees of the council and external organisations.

Committee meetings scheduled between now and then will be on hold until Chairs of these meetings are confirmed.

The special meeting of full Council on 15th April, to consider a council tax freeze, is scheduled to go ahead with the Provost in place to take the meeting.

Making decisions by cutting cards is standard practice in these circumstances.

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