Proposed Local Plan key to Argyll and Bute’s future success

A new proposed Local Development Plan for Argyll and Bute will help deliver new development across the area, safeguard our outstanding environment, attract external investment and address barriers to economic growth.

These are just some of the key outcomes of the proposed Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2). Councillors have approved proposals that identify up-to date local planning policy for development in the area and sets out potential sites for uses such as business development, community uses or housing.

In developing a plan for Argyll and Bute, the council followed statutory planning processes including public consultations and engagement with local communities on the proposed use of sites.

The council submitted the proposed LDP2 to Scottish Ministers for independent examination at the beginning of 2022. Scottish Government Reporters issued a final report with recommendations in June 2023.

A revised plan will now go to Scottish Ministers with a view to final sign off and adoption by the council by November 2023.

Councillor Kieron Green, Policy Lead for Planning and Regulatory Services:

“LDP2 sets out how development will be delivered within Argyll and Bute over the next five years. It aims to support a continuing, successful local economy, acknowledging the impacts of climate change and incorporating our ongoing work to achieve net zero by 2045.

Through the process, there has been significant engagement with communities, landowners, developers, key agencies and other stakeholders. This has been invaluable in helping to inform our thinking and ensuring that any future development is in line with their aspirations and needs.

More information on the proposed LDP2 is available on the council website

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