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South Kintyre by-election result 

Jennifer Mary Kelly (Independent) has been elected as a councillor for the South Kintyre ward following a by-election on Thursday 2nd November.

The electorate was 5,088 and the number of ballot papers received was 1,592 giving a percentage turnout of 31.3%. There were 10 rejected ballot papers. The quota of votes for a candidate to be elected was 792.

The number of first preference votes for each of the candidates was:

  • Joe CUNNINGHAM, Scottish Conservative and Unionist - 208
  • Jennifer Mary KELLY, Independent - 913
  • Kenny MACKENZIE, Scottish Liberal Democrats - 183
  • Alan MCMANUS, For Future's Sake - Freedom Alliance - 7
  • John RICHARDSON, Scottish National Party (SNP) - 271

The South Kintyre Ward includes the areas surrounding Peninver, Drumlemble, Southend and Campbeltown with just over 5,000 people.

The Single Transferable Vote system (STV) is used in all Scottish local government elections. You can find out more about how this works in practice here: Single transferable vote explained - YouTube

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