Make a pledge to recycle more in 2023

Are you setting yourself a New Year’s resolution? If you change just one thing in 2023, why not pledge to reuse or recycle and help create a climate friendly Argyll and Bute.

The council website has lots of information about what you can and cannot recycle, as well as details of your nearest recycling centre.

The Council’s Policy Lead for Climate Change and Environment Services, Councillor Ross Moreland, said: “Lots of us take the opportunity to have a clear out at the start of the year, but many of the items we want to get rid of are still in a good condition and could be used by someone else.

“Reusing items, donating them or selling them is a much better option than sending them to landfill because not only does it reduce waste, it helps to cut down on carbon impact.

“This is particularly important because the average piece of each items of furniture dumped generates around approximately 47 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide equivalents – that’s the same amount of greenhouse gases produced by burning around 5.3 gallons of petrol.

“The council website has lots of useful information about recycling and donating unwanted household goods, as does Zero Waste Scotland. I would urge you to have a read and see what small changes you can make this year that will have a long-lasting impact.”

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