Safety standards key to new short-term let licence plan

Improving safety standards for short-term lets, creating positive visitor experiences and tackling antisocial behaviour for local residents – the aims of a new short-term licensing scheme that comes into force in Argyll and Bute from 1 October.

New short term let business owners need to apply for the license from the 1st of October, with existing businesses invited to apply between January and 1 April 2023.

As part of the Scottish Government’s Licensing of Short Term Lets Order 2022, all local authorities must introduce a licensing scheme for properties operating as short term lets.

The principle aim is to guarantee basic safety standards are in place across relevant properties in Scotland and to also ensure that the needs and concerns of local communities are considered. 

The council developed the scheme for Argyll and Bute with consultation feedback it received from the region’s operators, local residents and visitors.

Under the new arrangements, from 1 October 2022 all new hosts and operators will need a license to operate a short-term let and can only take bookings and welcome guests once it is in place.

The council is currently recruiting the staff it needs to run the scheme. To allow new short term let businesses to get going, it is prioritising their applications until the full licensing team is in place.

Councillor Kieron Green, Policy Lead for Planning and Regulatory Services, said: “Short term lets play a significant role in Argyll and Bute’s wider tourism sector which is such an important element of the region’s economy.

“The new license scheme will ensure that accommodation is in line with all the relevant safety standards for our visitors as well as meeting industry guidelines. It’s important that we also give proper consideration to any of our communities who live close to short term let businesses and address any concerns about anti-social behaviour.”

Any business already providing short term lets must apply for a licence before 1 April 2023.

Full details are available on the council website: Short-term lettings ( .

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