Council to host third Gaelic Gathering


Argyll and Bute Council is encouraging people to book their places for the third Gaelic Gathering, which takes place virtually via Zoom on Saturday 12 March.

The event is free and provides an opportunity for organisations, community groups and individuals to meet with national organisations and share ideas on how they can work in partnership to help grow the Gaelic language.

Leader of Argyll and Bute Council, Robin Currie, said: “This year’s event will focus specifically on Argyll Gaelic and the variations that exist in terms of local dialect. It will give people the chance to get together and look at what we can do to strengthen the use of Gaelic in the area.

“Gaelic plays a very important part in the history of Argyll and Bute and it is in all our interests to help it flourish and make sure it has a long term future.”

Holding a Gaelic Gathering every two years is part of the Council’s Gaelic Language Plan – a plan that developed to get more people to learn and speak the language, and make the most of the economic benefits that it brings.



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