Talk to our Campbeltown Flood Protection Scheme on 3 and 4 November

Campbeltown residents are invited to the Town Hall on 3 and 4 November to find out more about the proposed local flood protection scheme and the construction works planned for 2022.

The Flood Protection Scheme (FPS) for Campbeltown is led by Argyll and Bute Council and comprises of catchment-wide flood mitigation works and property flood measures.

Local people have already contributed valuable feedback and knowledge to the project. This is an opportunity to understand how this has developed and to give further thoughts to the project team made up from representatives from the council and consultants AECOM.

The team is especially keen to hear from those residents and businesses living close to the works areas and the surrounding streets:

  • Snipefield Industrial Estate
  • Dalaruan Street
  • Burnside Square
  • The Meadows

Councillor Rory Colville, Policy Lead for Roads and Infrastructure Services, said: “Firstly I want to thank everyone who has been involved in previous consultations. Local knowledge is invaluable and we appreciated your input.

“With work going on a Burnside Square, this would be a time to take some ideas about how you think it could be used in the future.”

“Once work begins, there will inevitably be disruption, but long-term we know we can deliver great benefits for Campbeltown. I’d urge people to come along to the event to get a good understanding of what’s going to happen. If you have concerns, discuss it with the team and I’m sure they’ll be able to put your minds at rest.”

Members of the public can meet the FPS project team in the Chambers Room of Campbeltown Town Hall on:

·         3 November: 11:00am – 6.00pm

·         4 November: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Please follow Scottish Government COVID-19 guidance and ensure you are wearing a face covering unless exempt.

Find out more about Campbeltown Flood Prevention Scheme 




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