Scottish Parliament Election constituency result

Jenni Minto, SNP, has been elected as the Member of Parliament for Argyll and Bute (constituency) in the Scottish Parliament election.

Votes from the Argyll and Bute constituency have been counted and the result is below.

  • Donald Cameron, Scottish Conservative and Unionist -7,645

  • Jenni Minto, Scottish National Party (SNP) – 16,608

  • Alan Reid, Scottish Liberal Democrats – 6,874

  • Lewis Whyte, Scottish Labour Party – 2,436

 The result was formally declared by the Returning Officer for Argyll and Bute, Pippa Milne, at the count in Lochgilphead Joint Campus on Friday 7 May.

The total electorate for Argyll and Bute was 49,726 with 33,728 votes cast. The turnout at the polls was 67.8 per cent.

A total of 165 votes were rejected. 23 were rejected for voting for more than one candidate, and 142 were unmarked or void for uncertainty.

Pippa Milne, Returning Officer and Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute Council said:

“Organising an election in Argyll and Bute is a fantastic example of teamwork. Getting ballot boxes to and from our communities by road, sea and air, running 105 polling places, managing postal votes, counting everyone’s votes, and developing covid-safe ways of doing all this  – a huge amount of effort has gone into making this election possible. Thank you to everyone who has played a part.”


Please note: Helensburgh and Lomond comes under the Dumbarton constituency. For those results please see here -



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