Is your child eligible for free school meals and a clothing grant?

Parents in Argyll and Bute are being invited to find out whether or not they are eligible for a school clothing grant and free school meals for their child.

Since 2015, all pupils in P1, 2 and 3 have been entitled to a free school meal, however, from August this year children in P4 will also be eligible.

This will be extended to P5 pupils in January and P6 and P7 pupils from August 2022, as part the Scottish Government’s commitment to roll out free school meals to all primary pupils.

Until such times as all primary pupils have access to a free meal, parents can get a meal for their child if they receive Income Support; Income Based Job Seekers Allowance; income related Employment and Support Allowance; Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit; Universal Credit; and/or support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

School clothing grants are also available for parents who get specific benefits. To qualify for a clothing grant, parents must be in receipt of at least one of the following: Income Support; Income Based Job Seekers Allowance; Income related Employment and Support Allowance; Council Tax or Housing Benefit; Child Tax Credit AND Working Tax Credit; Universal Credit.

For further information, and to apply for either of these grants, visit

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