Consultation on future cemetery needs launched

The council is developing new policies on the best way to manage cemeteries throughout the area in the coming years and we would like to hear your views.

It is really important to take steps now to ensure that options are available for people when they need them in the future. Argyll and Bute has 131 Cemeteries spread throughout its communities, however 67 cemeteries are now closed to the sale of spaces.

Community volunteers, in a small number of areas, support council services by maintaining local burial grounds. Similar initiatives would be welcomed elsewhere.

According to statute, local authorities are only required to provide one cemetery per area.

Councillor Rory Colville, Policy Lead for Roads and Infrastructure Services, said: “This is a sensitive subject, which touches us all. What we want to do is understand priorities and expectations so we can plan for the future. Any changes are likely to take place over a decade.

“I would encourage people to look at our proposals and give us their thoughts.”

The consultation is now on the council website.

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