Developing our digital services

Developing innovative digital services and working practices, for the benefit of council employees and customers, is the aim of a strategy agreed at Thursday’s Council meeting.

The strategy will shape the work of the council’s ICT (Information Communication and Technology) Services over the period 2021 to 2024.

The ICT service was recognised as the number one ranked UK local authority ICT service for 2019/20 (*)

Policy Lead for Customer Support Services, Councillor Mary-Jean Devon said:

“The importance of up-to-date, effective digital services was made crystal clear when lockdown was first announced last year. Where some other councils struggled to keep services going, Argyll and Bute Council made it possible for many of our employees to deliver key services from home.

We could do this because we already had well established, flexible technology and working practices in place.

This strategy will ensure that we continue to make digital innovation work for our employees who deliver services and our local communities who use them.”

The strategy covers different aspects of digital service delivery, from working securely on-line to developing inclusive and accessible services.

For more information please see the council’s website.


(*) The ICT service was ranked number one by Socitm’s UK wide benchmarking service, Socitm Improve. Socitm stands for Society for Innovation, Technology and Modernisation.


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