Covid home test kits for Argyll and Bute schools

Home testing will be available for staff and senior pupils required to return to school when restrictions are relaxed, with plans progressing for test kits to be freely available.

With a return to school for some pupils being considered at a national level, Argyll and Bute Council is working with the Scottish Government to put in place a testing programme for staff and pupils without the symptoms of coronavirus. This is to enable those affected to self-isolate as quickly as possible and reduce the risk of passing on the virus.

Schools will be contacting relevant staff and parents of senior phase pupils directly, over the course of this week, with information about the self-test kits and getting involved with the programme.

Policy Lead for Education, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly said:

“This is all about making our schools safe places to work, teach and learn. The sooner we stop the virus in its tracks, the more we stop it spreading, it’s as simple as that.

Home testing means you can look after yourself better, by finding out early if you need to self-isolate or take any other action. It means we look after each other too by cutting the risk of passing the virus to other people.

Once they hear from their school, I would encourage staff, senior pupils and their families to find out how home testing could help you.”

The home testing kits will be free. Using them will be voluntary.

This asymptomatic testing programme will not replace the current testing policy for anyone with symptoms. School staff and pupils with symptoms of coronavirus must self-isolate immediately and arrange a test at

The date for schools re-opening for senior phase students will be decided by the Scottish Government.


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