New blue bins being delivered in Kintyre

Kintyre residents can look out for new blue recycling bins arriving in September, in preparation for a new bin collection service starting in October.

The new service is designed to make it more convenient for people in Kintyre to recycle their domestic waste. It means that the majority of Kintyre residents will receive the same recycling service as the rest of mainland Argyll and Bute.

Councillor Rory Colville, Policy Lead for Roads and Infrastructure Services, said:

“The Scottish Government has set challenging targets of increasing recycling by 2025, and to reach these targets, we all have a crucial role to play. The introduction of blue bins will create a convenient, sustainable recycling service - the more we recycle the more we are helping to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change.”

Most residents in Kintyre and Gigha, who previously used plastic bags for their recycled waste, will receive new blue bins between 1 and 28 September.

The blue bin service will replace the recycling bags from October onwards. New calendars, showing the pick-up dates, will be available on the council website by the middle of September here: Kintyre (

If we previously sent you a printed copy of the calendar, we will send out a new one to you. If you receive an assisted uplift for your green household waste bin, you will automatically receive an assisted uplift for your new blue bin.

A very small percentage of properties, mainly tenements, will not receive blue bins as there isn’t enough space to store them. These properties will stay on a bagged service and we will write directly to everyone living in these properties to let them know.

At the same time you receive your bin, you will be given a leaflet explaining what goes in it. You can also find the information on our website: Kintyre - new recycling service (

Once collected, recycling goes to the Lingerton waste and recycling facility, in Lochgilphead, which is operated by Renewi on behalf of the council.

From there it will be bulked up with the rest of the blue bin recycling from Mid Argyll and sent on to a materials recycling facility in the Central Belt. There the items are sorted and then passed to materials re-processors who create new products.

If you haven’t received your blue bin by Tuesday 28 September please call us on 01546 605514 and we’ll arrange to have one delivered to you. 

Bags, for those still using them, will be delivered each quarter, starting in October. If you need more, these can be collected from the Burnet Building or Aqualibrium, by phoning 01546 605514, or by using our online form which will be available when the new service goes live.

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