Zoom in to give your shop local ideas

Published Date: 

12 Oct 2020 - 09:06

Argyll and Bute’s council is asking for communities and businesses to give their ideas on the best way to promote a shop local messages in seven towns and Islay across the area.

Community Links, which is working with the council to create new, bespoke and locally relevant poster campaigns, has set up a series of on-line meetings so that people can contribute their ideas to encourage people to shop local.

Based on the views and ideas gathered, Community Links will produce a brief for a designer, who will then produce a draft poster for each town, which reflects local messaging, and an overarching banner for Argyll and Bute that any business can utilise.

Some meetings have already been held, but the ones still to take place are:

Ardrishaig: 12 October, 6-6.30pm. Details on how to join: https://shoplocal-argyll-bute.co.uk/ardrishaig

Campbeltown: 13 October, 11-11.30am. Details on how to join: https://shoplocal-argyll-bute.co.uk/campbeltown

Helensburgh: 13 October, 12-12.30pm. Details on how to join:  https://shoplocal-argyll-bute.co.uk/helensburgh

Islay: 13 October, 10-10.30am and 14 October, 5-5.30pm. Details on how to join:  https://shoplocal-argyll-bute.co.uk/bowmore

Lochgilphead: 13 October, 2.30-3.00pm and 6.30-7.00pm. Details on how to join: https://shoplocal-argyll-bute.co.uk/lochgilphead

Rothesay: 13 October, 3.30-4.00pm and 15 October, 6-6.30pm. Details on how to join:  https://shoplocal-argyll-bute.co.uk/rothesay

Tarbert: 13 October, 4.30-5.00pm and 14 October, 6-6.30pm. Details on how to join:  https://shoplocal-argyll-bute.co.uk/tarbert

Tobermory: 13 October, 5.30-6.00pm and 14 October 7-7.30pm. Details on how to join:  https://shoplocal-argyll-bute.co.uk/tobermory


For more information on the meetings, email: colin@communitylinkssl.co.uk or phone: 07784 357 303.

The project is made possible thanks to Scottish Government funding, delivered through Scotland’s Town’s Partnership.