Dunoon CARS gets 360 degree treatment

Published Date: 

12 Oct 2020 - 15:01


The benefits of Dunoon Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) will soon be seen on Google Street View as the interior of some of the newly refurbished buildings will be available as 360 degree tours.

Dunoon CARS has teamed up with a local Google Trusted Photographer to update Dunoon’s decade-old Google Street View shots.

These include Kent’s of Dunoon, Bookpoint and Gibson’s Electrical, which are the first shopfronts to be completed under the Dunoon CARS project.

Not only will the exterior shots of these shops be upgraded but we are also producing interior 360 degree tours of these shops. Viewers can step in off the street and virtually tour the shops, browse the products on offer and get a sense of the layout of the shop.

The CARS logo has also been added into the 360 degree tours, leaving its legacy for years to come

The work has been carried out with Rob Smith, from iDZN, who recently became the only Google Street View Trusted Pro in Argyll and Bute.

Street View Trusted Pros undergo a vigorous vetting process, have all the right equipment and must be distinguished contributors with over 50 approved and published 360 photos. Once they have been approved by Google, Pros are equipped to use the Trusted brand assets for marketing purposes.

 iDZN have started capturing Google Street View updates along Argyll Street, so you should start seeing some more familiar sights on the Google Street View soon.

Councillor Alastair Redman, Policy Lead for Economic Growth, said: “CARS is all about preserving the heritage of our town centres, but what’s exciting about this project is that it’s also helping to bring them bang up to date.

“Google Maps helps visitors orientate themselves when visiting new places. The fact they can also visit some of our locals shops before they visit, to see what they have to offer, is really exciting. I look forward to what our CARS team, Rob and retailers can achieve together to put Dunoon on what is a global map.”


You can view the Kent’s of Dunoon 360 degree internal tour here: http://bit.ly/Dunoon_360