Council calls on First Minister to deliver urgent action on the A83

Published Date: 

30 Nov 2020 - 13:43

“At a time of unprecedented challenge, Argyll and Bute’s economic recovery demands action – now.”

These were the words of Councillor Robin Currie, Leader of Argyll and Bute Council, following cross-party agreement at last week’s Council meeting, to raise the need for urgent action on the A83 with the First Minister.

This follows weeks of sporadic closure of both the A83 and the Old Military Road diversion.

Councillor Currie continued:

“The impact of decades of disruption at the main A83 is already severe. For the main diversion route to be similarly affected is utterly unacceptable to the remote, rural and islands communities of Argyll and Bute.

Local people are dealing with levels of disruption that wouldn’t be tolerated elsewhere in Scotland. 

A long term solution could take another ten years. It would be completely unreasonable to expect our communities to wait that long for action that works.

Argyll and Bute’s natural resources attract interest, investment opportunities and visitors counted in their millions each year. Keeping the road open brings opportunities for economic growth and recovery at this time of economic challenge.

The A83 is a vital route to market and a sustainable interim solution must be identified and implemented urgently to support Argyll and Bute’s recovery and resilience.

Nothing except action that keeps the road open now is enough.”