New dates for bin collections on Bute

Published Date: 

6 Apr 2020 - 17:10

The latest bin collection calendars for Bute, which have the schedules for the next few months, are now available on our website .

During the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, the council is introducing a simplified, two-weekly bin collection where recycling and general waste will be collected at the same time.

Please put out your general waste bin on the calendar dates provided below and on our website. This gives each household more collections.

Unfortunately, as we change schedules over, there will inevitably be some households which face a longer than normal wait for their next collection. We can only apologise for this and ask those households to continue to store their waste at home until their next scheduled collection.

Here are details on when to put the bin out on the street where you live for the next two weeks. If you cannot see your street listed, email:

Wednesday 8 April

Guildford Square and Town Centre


Academy Road

Academy Terrace

Adelaide Place

Ardbeg Road (Argyle Place to Thompson Fountain)

Argyle Place

Argyle Terrace

Chappelhill Carpark

Chappelhill Road

Ferfadd Road/Court

Hawthorne Lane

Mackinlay Street

McNabbs Brae

York Terrace


Thursday 9 April

Friday 10 April


Montague Street to Guildford Square



Ardbeg Road (from Thomson Fountain onwards)

Broadcroft Lane

Ardmory Road

Church Lane

Bannatyne Mains Road

Colbeck Lane

Burn Lane

East Princes Street

Burnside Road

John Street

Castle Street

Ladeside Street Tax Office

Creek Drive

Mill Street

Duncan Street

Mountpleasant Road

George Street

Russell Street

Gortans Road


High Road

Skelton Lawyers

Marine Place

Union Street

Marine Road (To the Public Toilets)


Nettle Brae


Pier Lane


Pointhouse Crescent


Quay Street


Shore Road


Stuart Street


Watson Place


Wyndham Court


Wyndham Park


Wyndham Road



Monday 13 April

Tuesday 14 April

Town Centre to Rubbodach

Rothesay Town Centre to Straad

A886 Ardmaleish to Rhubodach

A844 Ambrismore - The Plan & Plan Road

A886 Kames to Ettrickdale

A844 Ballianlay - Loch Fad

Achnacloich Road

A844 Greenwood - Ballianlay

Ardbeg Road Litterbins

A844 junction at A886 Kames

Barone Road

A844 Kames - Colmac Cottages

Bellevue Road

A844 Milton - Ambrismore

Bute Business Park

Crosshill Villas

Columnshill Lower Terrace

Dewar Avenue

Columnshill Place

Eaglesham Terrace

Columnshill Street

Ettrickbay - Glecknabae

Columnshill Terrace

Flats at Corner Russell Street

Gowanfield Place

Foley Tower

Meadows Rd.


Sheriff's Croft

Glenmore Road


High Street


St. John's Drive




Wednesday 15 April

Thursday 16 April


Kilchattan Bay Area

Alama Terrace

A844 Kingarth - Whitelodge

Ballochgoy Road

Bruchag Road

Ballochgoy Terrace

Kerrycroy Village & Farm

Balmory Road

Kilchattan Bay Village

Blain Terrace

Kingarth & West Road

Columnshill Upper Terrace


Foley Court

Mountstuart Estate

Glebe Terrace


 Wee Bay Kilchattan

Glenburn Road


Havelock Terrace


Hillhouse Rd. Close Numbers 4, 6 & 8.



Friday 17 April

Inkerman Terrace

The Bush & Portbannatyne

Ladeside Place

Port Bannatyne

Ladeside Street

Bush Avenue

Lillyoak Terrace

Bush Road

Longhill Terrace

Bute Terrace


Eden Drive

Ministers Brae


Prospect Terrace

Foley Park

St. Brides Road

Foley Road

Trinity Court

Kames Castle

Victoria Place

Kames Terrace

Wellpark Road

Roslin Crescent

Westlands Road

Wallace Avenue