Council’s Chief Executive says sorry to Mull and Iona

Published Date: 

4 Sep 2019 - 12:36

Argyll and Bute Council’s Chief Executive has apologised to local communities on Mull and Iona for a flawed parking-management exercise.

A report going to next week’s Oban, Lorn and the Isles (OLI) Area Committee recommends that a disputed TRO (traffic regulation order) is revoked, and that ways are identified of improving the council’s engagement with communities around TROs.

Chief Executive, Cleland Sneddon, said:

“Off street parking management can bring benefits to areas where parking options are limited.

"Concerns had been raised with the council, by local people, about the need for better managed and safer parking, issues which had to be addressed. To do so a TRO was required.

"We have to apologise unreservedly to the people of Mull and Iona, however, for a flawed exercise – with our biggest regret being the negative impact this has had on relationships between residents of Mull and Iona, and the council.

"We want to work with as well as for local people. We had carried out a consultation exercise. The exercise though was not as robust as it should have been, it should have covered Iona as well as Mull.

"We are putting a report about the TRO to next week’s Oban, Lorn and Isles Area Committee.  This states publicly our wish to apologise for the impact of this TRO.

""The report also includes a key recommendation that we find ways to improve how we engage with our communities around TROs. Improved engagement will ensure that the differing needs of Mull and Iona are identified, and that we work better together in addressing them.

We can assure residents that we have learned lessons from this, and that we remain committed to working with our communities to deliver parking arrangements that work for the residents and visitors of Mull and Iona.”

The report is available on the council's website, along with other reports for consideration by the OLI Committee on Wednesday 11th September.