What makes a good council Chief Executive?

Published Date: 

4 Oct 2019 - 14:55

What makes a good council Chief Executive? We asked some of our employees and here is what they told us.

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 A good Chief Executive:

  • has all of the leadership skills to support us through the challenging times that are ahead and remembers that it’s the people and our communities that make Argyll and Bute such a special place.
  • creates an environment for innovation and is willing to take risks with new ideas and ways of working
  • has strong communication and listening skills, and engages with their staff, customers and stakeholders.
  • represents the council effectively on the national stage while also keeping connected with employees and with communities so that they have a real understanding of challenges.
  • empowers managers, develops the business, focuses on our next generation workforce and how it is modelled.
  • takes a little less of the credit than they should, and a little more of the blame than they deserve; and serves others, rather than being served by them.
  • cares about and values employees and life in Argyll and Bute.
  • gives staff a clear vision of where the council is going, give us a sense of pride in our organisation and bring us together as a team, inspiring us to do our very best each day.