Fighting fuel poverty

Published Date: 

11 Oct 2019 - 10:30

44% of Argyll and Bute’s population spends more than 10% of their income to heat and light their homes.

ALIenergy, a registered charity, helps people facing fuel poverty in a number of ways. These include working in foodbanks helping those who are faced with choosing between eating and heating; supporting volunteers, front-line staff and practitioners to recognise signs of fuel poverty; helping people with the transition to digital, including online tariff comparisons and online Warm Home Discount applications; and providing a face to face service in people’s homes to help them make positive changes in their energy behaviours.

Workers engage with around 500 householders per year and savings can range from in the £100s, where clients have made small changes at home, up to £1000s. For information or advice call 01631 565 183, or email @CPW_Scotland