No more bags for Islay and Jura recycling

Published Date: 

16 May 2019 - 13:03

From Tuesday 28 May, householders and businesses on Islay and Jura will no longer have to put recyclable material into separate plastic bags before it goes into blue bins.

There is no change to the materials collected and no change to the frequency or days of collection.

From now on plastic bottles, tubs and trays, tins, cans and empty aerosols go straight into the blue bin.

Putting the recyclable material directly into the bins is more convenient for customers, by cutting down on time and effort and importantly, it reduces the additional plastic used when bagging the waste.

The bagged service will remain in place on Colonsay – so there will be absolutely no change to the current arrangements there.

If you would like to know what happens to the items you recycle in your blue bin, please visit our website: